Katherine is fascinated by human behaviour, both as individuals and
in groups. Something she has had patrons_smallthe chance to observe over many years in business as a director and consultant in finance, governance and responsibility. Having a particular interest in how we come to accept specific constructs of our society, she shares with many a concern about how we humans perceive our role in this complex and beautiful planet. She believes that we seriously fail to treat other species and plant life with the respect and love they deserve.
Painting-It-Black_small-300x300Throughout her career in business Katherine has retained a strong interest in art, architecture and engineering. At one stage, for instance being both the Finance Director of Heathrow Airport and also the Chair of the Airport Design Committee. In recent years she has come to recognise how important painting can be as a means of communication, to convey the perspectives and views she has built up over the years. Her career is now dedicated to painting.

In her paintings, Katherine celebrates and wonders at the sentience
Sheer-Joy_small-300x295of all species, respecting their diversity and accomplishment. She shares with viewers her sense of the transcendent and the thrill she experiences from the world’s elemental activity, space, colour and rhythms. She says her deepest moments come from walking through a bluebell wood, gazing at a rainbow against an angry sky, watching birds glide over hills and trees, or observing how all we animals behave and interact in our natural habitats.

Katherine holds a BA, is an FCMA, FRSA, FRGS and studies part time at Central St Martins College.

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